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Tree Climbing Equipment- Basics

Tree climbing is usually done by professionals. Rescuers often have to climb trees in emergencies. Repairmen and technicians also have to climb phone poles and trees for maintenance work. These are trained professionals who know their work. Even though, they are professionals and highly qualified, they use special tree climbing equipment for ease and safety.

Tree climbing does not only come under a profession, but it is also considered as a sport and recreational activity. People along with their children can take to this adventurous and healthy recreation, but they should keep in mind that tree climbing equipment should be used. Safety should be a prime concern for any tree climber either a beginner or an expert tree climber. The equipment is thus used instead of human limbs; it has replaced old, dangerous methods of tree climbing.

Now with the help of tools and safety devices, tree climbing is fun and easy to do rather than a dangerous and laborious task that it was before. Climbers should have a certain amount of knowledge about the basic tree climbing equipment that is must for climbing. For starters, the climber should use a helmet.

The helmet should be chosen according to size and must fit properly with a strap. Tree can be very tall so the helmet shell should be able to absorb a fall from such heights without cracking on impact. Next item is the climbing rope. It should be noted that climbing ropes are of two basic types; the stretchable climbing rope is called the dynamic rope while the other is named as the static rope. Our website provides info on  joshuatreeuprising

Static ropes are most suited with anchoring systems because of their stretch ability that comes in use for belaying tasks. Important factor before using the rope is to make sure that it is strong enough to take the load of climbing individual easily, as it would also work with the safety systems and help in climbing. The size should also be considered as you might need more rope for a taller tree.

The next tool is a harness belt. It is primarily a safety tool that keeps you safe while up on the tree. It is of two types; one can be worn on the waist while other one is the chest harness. Both of them can be used in combination with each other too. The climber should make sure the harness fits him properly otherwise it can become quite problematic and uncomfortable for him

Tree climbing spikes are a necessity when it comes to tree climbing. This sharp, protruding spike is attachable to the climber’s boot providing him grip and hoist. Steel spikes are the best choice for any climber as they provide him the best balance and assurance of reliability.

Another tool the ‘ascender’ also known as the ‘jumar’ provides the climber ease and comfort of a good grip on the rope. The ascender attaches itself to the rope by the use of a sling and then it is clipped to the rope and locked in place.