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Boxing classes- An Intro

So how do you get involved in the great sport of boxing? Well you might be lucky enough to have a boxing gym or two with decent trainers nearby, but what if you don’t? Maybe you are unsure if you want to go that far and would prefer to just practice at home first to see if boxing is the right sport for you?Boxing classes  offers excellent info on this.

There again, maybe cash is a bit tight or there just isn’t a boxing gym nearby?

Yeah of course you can practice at home, and luckily boxing is the type of sport where you don’t have to pay out a whole lot of cash to lay your hands (no pun intended) on the basic boxing equipment that you need at the beginning. A pair of Bag Gloves, Hand Wraps for protection, and a Heavy Punchbag (that you can even make yourself) is enough for you to start with.

That’s assuming you are training alone to begin with and not with a partner? If there IS a partner involved you’re going to have to add Head Guard, Gum Shield and Groin Protector to that list. A Chest Guard would also be needed if you are a female, or a transvestite. Sorry but i just couldn’t resist that last part.

As with any type of training, it’s important to design a proper warm-up beforehand and a cool-down afterwards to reduce the risk of injury.

OK – Assuming you have warmed up properly and are ready to start your workout, what do you do next? Shadow Boxing? Jump Ropes? Trying to KO that Heavy Bag? Road Running? Muscle Work? Or something else? Then how long do you do it for? Are you doing too little? Are you doing too much? Are you even doing it properly? Yeah a boxing trainer would keep you right, but assuming you have one locally their advice isn’t free, even for a beginner. So your other option then is likely to look for old coaching manuals or dvd’s, then try to understand and follow the instructions. It sure isn’t easy trying to work a DVD player or turn pages in a training manual with boxing gloves on. Ha Ha.

Nowadays though there is the third option of looking on-line for advice about boxing lessons, preferably a course of FREE Boxing Lessons as there seems little point in paying for basic boxing advice and training drills at the beginning. Better to save that for further down the line if you decide that boxing is the right sport for you personally and you want to progress further.

Oh and here’s your first piece of free advice – You may actually think that you’re pretty fit already, and that’s great – But if you care to have a go at a typical “boxing training session” sometime, you’ll find out just how fit you REALLY are. Good Luck and Go For It!!