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A Guide To Trafikkskole Tønsberg

Seems pretty obvious that common sense is required to drive. You have to take tests, practice and learn the rules before you are given a license. But, it seems as though many of us seem to get too comfortable while driving and forget to use our common sense. We forget that we are controlling a potential death machine and not a multimedia lounge. There are four major factors in almost all car accidents. They are Speeding, Chemicals (drugs and alcohol), and seat belts and distractions.


I would wager that we have all gone over the speed limit at some point in our driving lives. The sad part is that we are not aware of the fact that we are speeding at times. The risk of a fatal accident more than doubles while you are traveling at 65 mph. Every additional mile you increase your speed increases your odds of death (or someone else greatly). By the time you reach 85 mph you are thirty-two times more likely to be killed when you slam into something. The is where common sense should kick in. We know that speeding is dangerous and we are playing the odds. But the odds are greatly stacked against you as well as the other drivers on the road and the passengers and pedestrians. Bottom line. Getting to work 5 minutes faster is not worth losing, life, limb, freedom, peace of mind, assets….etc. Follow the posted speed limit.


“Driving is probably the most complex psycho-motor task undertaken by ordinary individuals on a routine basis.” So why not add some drugs or alcohol into the mix!!? Most of us have a thousand things on our mind while we drive as it is. Adding artificial distractions and delays into your mind and body is not only the most dangerous thing a driver can do, but also one-third of the cause of all traffic accidents. You sold a house, had a bad day, got a raise… and want a drink then you need to have a designated driver. That way we can all celebrate tomorrow.

Drugs alone are 18% of the reason for all crashes. This is not only illegal drugs. Prescription drugs and over the counter medications can impair your driving abilities as well. Medications come with warning labels on them… a Hybrid car is still considered heavy machinery…. If you know taking your allergy medication is going to make you a space cadet… wait to take them. My bumper and bank account thank you. Our website provides info about  Trafikkskole Tønsberg

Seat belts:

This is such an easy way to increase your safety. Common sense facts about seat belts: They are 44% more effective at preventing death in collisions. Rear seat belts are 73% better at preventing fatalities. In 2008, 55% of people whom died in car crashes were not wearing their seat belt. Most of these crashes occurred at night… The excuse of a wrinkled shirt or the feeling of being restrained is a mute point when your dead.


There are six huge distractions that we all face at times when we are driving: the radio, holding something in our hands (beverage), the phone, hands free or not, other passengers and the control panel of the vehicle and smoking. Yes, the radio, not only listening to music but the news you listen to can cause you lose focus of the most important task at hand. Drinking while driving is also very distracting and dangerous. Not only an alcoholic drink, but that latte or energy drink that you spill or burn your lip on can lead to a lot more problems than a trip to the cleaners. The phone… hands free, texting, emailing, taking pictures, checking scores… All of these awesome things our phones can do can also cause us to take our eyes off of the road. Other passengers are very distracting; many states require new drivers to limit the number of passengers they can travel with. This is not only for the sake of the passenger, but because they are a huge distraction. The kids yelling in the back of the car and parent looking back trying to mediate can lead to a fender bender if the driver isn’t looking ahead. The control panel of your vehicle can also be a huge issue if you are looking down trying to adjust the air conditioning and then look up and you have swerved into the wrong lane… Adjust the controls before you leave park. Smoking… It is done all of the time. What happens when you drop your lighter or lit cigarette in the car… How about just don’t smoke!